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Featured Pages

What do you use Featured Pages for?

Featured pages are used to highlight pages that wouldn't otherwise feature prominately in your navigation. Usually the pages that you are going to feature here live as a subpage to a section of your primary navigation. You can use this area to bring news events, promotions and chapter gatherings right to your homepage easily. The Featured Pages list uses the Content Library to dynamically display these stories.

How do you use Featured Pages?

figure 1

In your CMS, below your Primary Navigation, you will see a section called, Highlighted Chapter Pages (figure 1), this is the section that controls the featured pages on your homepage.

You will find the Feature Pages tool within this section.

The Featured Pages tool is a new kind of element within the CMS, it is called an Inline Content Listing By Selection tool. What this does is allows you to select content from the site's Content Library and display the title, summary and link to the full page in a list on your front page.

  • Select Featured Pages from the list.
    You can find it by clicking the plus sign next to Highlighted Chapter Pages.
  • Available Tabs: The first tab, Properties, looks the same way as it does for other pages, but you will see two different tabs to the right of it. First will be, Inline Content Listing - By Selection (figure 2), and second will be Display.
  • figure 2
  • The Inline Content Listing - By Selection tab will be where you select the pages you want to feature. This page will let you Add, Reorder, Remove, and even schedule when the page appears in this list (Change Start/End) (figure 3)
    figure 3

    ADDING A PAGE to Featured Pages

    Add - When you select Add a search page will appear. Use this search feature to find the title of page that you want to bring into the featured pages. When you find the file you want, click the circle next to it and click select at the bottom of the page (see NOTE). You will then see the selected page appear on your list. Once you click OK at the bottom of the page, your homepage will be updated.

    NOTE: The search feature at the top of the page defaults to Search: Starts with ______, and sometimes, especially if the title has changed many times, the file name might differ from the title. There are two ways to find a page that is difficult to locate.

    • First you can change the default from Starts with to Contains and try the search again.
    • Second, if that doesn't work you will need to open the page in the CMS and click on the Content tab. the actual name of the content will appear at the top of the section (figure 4). In this view you can also see what folder the piece of content lives in (to the right of the title).
    figure 4

    Reordering the items in the featured pages list

    Reorder - Changing the order in which the stories appear in the Featured Pages List is easy. The Inline Content Listing - By Selection tool provides a column titled Rank (figure 5). In this column you will see the default numbers appearing lowest to highest in multiples of 10. By changing the numbers in these boxes to represent the order in which you wish the stories to appear, and clicking the Reorder buttonat the bottom of the page (figure 3), the stories will rearrange themselves. Simply click OK when finished, and your changes will take effect on the front page.
    figure 5

    Removing an item from the featured pages list

    Remove - Removing an item from the Featured Pages List can be done quickly. The first column of the stories list (figure 6) has radio button in it. Click he the round cirlce, a dot will appear inside of it. Click the Remove button at the bottom of the page (figure 3) and the story will be removed. Simply click OK when finished, and your changes will take effect on the front page.
    figure 6

    Advanced - Change Start/End of the ites in the featured pages list

    Change Start/End - You can use this advanced feature to automatically show your story or remove your story after a certain date. Just like when you are removing an item from the Featured Pages List you will click he the round cirlce the appears in the first column (figure 6), a dot will appear inside of it. Then click the Change Start/End button at the bottom of the page (figure 3). A popup will appear (figure 7)which will allow you to set a Start date, an End date, or both. After making your selections from the drop downs available, click Update. The popup will close, the page will refresh. Make sure to click OK on the bottom of the page to save your changes.
  • figure 7
  • Finally, the Display tab is where you will decide how you want the information to appear on the list. We default it to show the Title and the Content Summary.

    The link to the story

    By default, when the story appears in the list, the title will be the link to the story. If you would prefer the title not be the link, you can place a check mark next to Show "more..." _____ and at the end of the story on the front page there will be a link that says more... and that will link to your story.By placing text in the blank field you can change what that link says. NOTE: it needs to be the same for each story.

    The Content Summary

    The Content Summary is a separate piece of content that you can link to your page. It's easy to access using the Advanced button on the Content tab on the page.

    First, open the page in the CMS and click on the Content tab. At the top of the page you will see two buttons, Clear (New) and Advanced, click on the Advanced button (figure 8). A popup will appear with more information about your page. Click on the Summary tab and enter a small bit of introductory or teaser information here, this is what will appear below the title of the story on the front page of your webpage.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Here especially SIMPLIER IS BETTER. The information you put in here is designed to be placed into a very small area, you don't want to add alot of formatting or images because it could potentially break the page. You will not have any problems if you keep it very simple.

    figure 8

    Finally, check the box next to Publish Immediately, and click Update. Make sure to also Publish Immediately and click OK on the main page as well.

What is the Content Libary?
The Content Library is the place where all of the content from your pages live. Whenever you create a new webpage, a piece of content is also created and it is saved in your content library. This creates a more dynamic site which can bring that content automatically into a listing of pages, such as your search or featured pages.

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