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Social Media How-To

With social media, we can mix that camaraderie with political advocacy, social action and fundraising.

There are many social media channels, and we want to help you to use them for what's most suitable for your chapter's needs.

Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Do's and Don'ts



All chapters should create and maintain a Facebook presence.

You've probably heard of it. If you are one of those rare breeds of Facebookless people and have not heard of it, Facebook, in a nutshell, is a social networking service that allows users who sign up the ability to share photos and comments, as well as virtual gifts and web content (such as links to articles, music, etc) with other users, who are other friends, organizations, celebrities, causes and other things.

Facebook is the most appropriate social media tool for Hadassah's chapters because it enables organizations to mix social with business: Facebook allows chapters to connect to members, members to connect to one another and all parties to connect to National through sharing of relevant information.

How to Open and Account & Start a Chapter Page

Reccomended Pages to Like

How (& What?) to Share

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Chapters aiming to reach young professionals should create a LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site built for connecting professionals to other professionals they already know and/or would like to know professionally. Professional professionally professional: I can't say it any stronger. It is a great place for your chapter to establish an online presence in an effort to reach out to young people interested in e-membership and/or too busy with work to physically attend meetings but want to be involved and informed on important issues. You can create a group page and start discussions on topics relevant to your chapter.

Visit Hadassah's LinkedIn Page



Chapters with young members and/or those who are technologically advanced should create and maintain a Twitter account.

Twitter is an endless stream of short bits of information that organizations can use to get quick messages out and be able to interact more readily with their followers. It's great for a unit with a lot going on or whose members are technologically advanced.

Reccomended Accounts to Follow

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Chapters with specific interests should create and utilize a Pinterest page.

Pinterest is an online pinboard that allows you to share images from around the web that link to their origin. It is very moldable: you can make it about whatever you want because it is based on your interests. You can create a board for recipes, home goods, or for your chapters' favorite books.

How to Use Pinterest

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How Members Can Help

Members' involvement is pivotal; they can spread the word to their friends who aren't "Hadassah people", and help Hadassah spread news about our organization, relations between the United States and Israel, and activisim in the United States—as well as help mesh the relationship between National and local chapters by sharing content with us. You can help Hadassah achieve this by getting your chapter's members involved on the following social media sites, especially whichever are interesting to them.

If you have questions, leave them in a comment on this page or email Stephanie Stark at sstark@hadassah.org.

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